The Stones are Laying Low this Week

But they did manage to get another commerce-based blast off about their disgusting and overpriced swag. Who buys this stuff?


Prince Rupert Retires: Made in the Shade Indeed

Keith Richards, Prince Rupert Loewenstein and Sir Mick Jagger snicker at Jay-Z's "dynasty."

Actually, “Everything’s Turning to Gold” is a more appropriate musical send-off for the legendary manager of the Rolling Stones, Prince Rupert Loewenstein, who resigned the post last Friday after 30+ years as the band’s top financial adviser.

And if you are […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Richards

Mr. Richards in action during the 70s

I am “happy” Keith Richards still walks the earth, and so I wish him a happy 65th birthday along with best wishes for many more trips around the Sun. Can you wish him good health? His regimen involves massive amounts of cigarettes and booze. So let’s wish […]