Bob Marley > Ronald Reagan

People will be celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday much longer than they will Ronald Reagan’s.


Ronald Reagan's 100 is also Bob Marley's 66th

Happy 100th birthday to Ronald Reagan. He was MCA’s greatest client, and any study of the 40th president should include his relationship with Lew Wasserman and Ted Schreiber. They set him up with GE Theater and the SAG presidency, which included violence against other Hollywood Unions unwilling to consolidate under SAG. In those days Reagan […]

Yankees Unlikely to Get Apple Sponsorship

Catfish Hunter in 1976

Michael Kay just joked that the Yankees deserve a sponsorship from Apple Computer. This was due a brief on screen appearance by reporter Kim Jones, shown working on her YES Network blog on a Mac.

It’s not happening, but it got me thinking. It couldn’t happen – Apple’s a lot […]