Mike Watt Home Safely to "America's Port"

Our man Mike Watt‘s home safe and sound after a blast around the world as bassist for Iggy and the Stooges. Along the way, while helping to power the legendary band with his playing, he suffered a “knee-pop,” his term for a torn ACL/MCL and a harrowing episode at the Finnish Sonisphere festival. Now the […]

Mike Watt's "eye-gifts from pedro" Opens in Santa Monica

Pelican in Pedro (Mike Watt)

Mike Watt’s first photography exhibit opened at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica yesterday. As a recipient of Watt’s “flow” announcing shows, projects and other thoughts he’s working on, I have seen countless numbers of his photographs, taken during his morning kayak trips in the waters off San Pedro CA.


Mike Watt Holiday Cards for Heal the Bay

sunrise over the terminal island federal prison! (photo by mike watt)

mike watt, who spends most mornings kayaking in the waters off san pedro, ca, usually documents his trips with great pictures. he has now donated some of his work to create holiday cards for Heal the Bay. watt, who celebrates his birthday […]