A 35 Year Old Vertically Integrated Shark

"Amity Island" on the Universal Studios Tour

Jaws recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, and numerous tributes to the legendary film that entertained the world and changed the face of the business in the process have been produced. A few of Jaws’ innovations:

“Summer Blockbuster” aimed at youth/male audience with action films that play internationally


The PolyGram-Universal Merger 10 Years Later

Doug Morris received his star in early 2010

In the negative atmosphere produced by Matsushita‘s takeover of MCA, which it had acquired 5-6 years earlier, Edgar Bronfman and Seagram’s purchased the conglomerate and re-named it Universal in the late 90s. A short time later, Bronfman, who had re-named the company Universal, after the film […]