RIP Roger Nichols

I just read on Rosann Cash’s tweet about the death of Roger Nichols, the famous recording engineer and innovator. He was also known for having been in the atomic energy industry before working with music. The production quality he facilitated for Steely Dan especially is so distinctive that the music is often the standard by […]

Steely Dan Announces Summer Tour

The mysterious Becker and Fagen’s prized photo on the wall of Manny’s Music next to The Cars, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and Barry Manilow

When Steely Dan was at their peak of popularity, nothing could seem more impossible than a live show, let alone a tour. They were not really a band by the […]

A Final Visit to Manny's Music on 48th St.

Ibanez and Dean guitars on display at Manny's

This weekend, I made a final pilgrimage to Manny’s Music on 48th St., one of the greatest places in New York City. It has been a mainstay of the City’s music street, where most of the stores sell instruments, dating back dozens of years. Times Square […]