Close Super Bowls Good for Marketing

Everyone is glued just like the past two years! Geaux Saints!!!!


Super Bowl XLIV Ads for 3rd Quarter

The Who did a fantastic job for halftime, with a spectacular light show and able performance of their mega catalog, especially considering they are missing two amazing original members, John Entwistle and Keith Moon.

The Saints started the second half with an onside kick! The ads are getting a little more risque and memorable too. […]

The Rosenfelder Index – Super Bowl XLIII Results

Super Bowl XLIII was one of the best games ever

The Rosenfelder Index is defined as the price to purchase one unit of everything advertised during the Super Bowl, including repeats. If something is advertised four times, I put it in four times. That way the Index reflects the effectiveness of repetition and the […]

"The Rosenfelder Index" Measures Super Bowl Marketing

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in our most popular sport, and its broadcasts are often as legendary as the game itself. Accordingly, over its 42 year history, advertising during and leading up to the Super Bowl broadcast should be considered as a championship tournament as well.

Advertising and marketing show the pulse of […]

Cars of the Present: the LincVolt and SolarTaxi

The embattled Detroit auto executives could really get America excited if they pulled up to Congress in a LincVolt or SolarTaxi.

Farm Aid Director Neil Young is pushing the LincVolt, with a mind towards retrofitting our cars to run on batteries and compressed gas. That could be a big industry, and we will need to […]