The Rosenfelder Index of Super Bowl XLV Advertising

This year’s live blog tallying the price of every item advertised during the Super Bowl, also known as The Rosenfelder Index, will commence at 6:30pm, when the Fox broadcast gets going. As with last year, I will present a spreadsheet that will update itself throughout the game to show how much we are being hit […]

Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl XLV Performers

Promotion for the Super Bowl has picked up this week, as the Black Eyed Peas were announced as Half Time performers. This is the first non-classic rock artist since Janet Jackson’s legendary “wardrobe malfunction.” Can you remember the last few off the top of your head? Springsteen, Prince, McCartney, Petty, Rolling Stones… oh, I forgot […]

5 Lessons from the Saints' Victory

Reflecting upon the New Orleans Saints’ amazing victory in the Super Bowl last night, a few traits came to mind that could apply to any business or project you might be working on.

1. Belief that your goal is worthy and attainable 2. Teamwork 3. Perseverance in the face of adversity 4. Not taking everything […]

Townshend Confirms Super Bowl Set List

Did the other artists playing at the Super Bowl reveal their set lists two weeks before the game, or is this part of Pete Townshend’s probation? I seem to recall some mystery about Springsteen, the Stones and Prince. Additionally, the NFL has announced that and Slash have created a remix of the Who’s signature […]

Super Bowl Run-up: Springsteen's Press Conference

Naturally, the music for the Super Bowl is of great interest, and this year’s artist, Bruce Springsteen, like most of the others, is one of my favorites. When Prince performed at the Super Bowl, he re-established himself as one of the great performers in the history of rock, and I expect Springsteen will do […]