09/09/09: "Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust"

The Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles fans have Rock Band to thank for creating the massive cash incentive for the band and label to agree to cds reissues. The settlement over the name Apple between the Beatles and the computer company was the first big legal step in making this historic day happen. And Rock Band’s […]

February 7th 1964: The Beatles Land in the US

Today is the anniversary of the Beatles first arrival in the US for their debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Here is a clip from the Maysles’ documentary, including a bit of their historic and hilarious press conference at Kennedy Airport. It was a trip that would change the world!


John Lennon was a Waylon Jennings Fan

I mentioned to a few people that if John Lennon were still living on the upper west side, I would have invited him to the earbender meet up, to help pump up the Waylon Jennings vibe. Someone (thankfully) asked me what the connection between the Beatle and the outlaw country icon was, and I […]