The Who to Perform at Super Bowl XLIV

The Who were announced as half time entertainment for the Super Bowl this week, as initial marketing for the February 7 contest began in earnest. While there may be product promotions in motion already, the announcement of The Who is different since music represents content. The logo for Super Bowl was probably announced last year.


Rosenfelder Index – live blog of Super Bowl XLIII Ads

The Rosenfelder Index is an annual review of Super Bowl advertising that focuses on the cost of buying everything advertised during the game. The result is a cross-section of the US economy, outlined in what is being marketed. This year, the Rosenfelder Index goes live for Super Bowl XLIII (or at least as long […]

Super Bowl Run-up: Springsteen's Press Conference

Naturally, the music for the Super Bowl is of great interest, and this year’s artist, Bruce Springsteen, like most of the others, is one of my favorites. When Prince performed at the Super Bowl, he re-established himself as one of the great performers in the history of rock, and I expect Springsteen will do […]

"The Rosenfelder Index" Measures Super Bowl Marketing

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in our most popular sport, and its broadcasts are often as legendary as the game itself. Accordingly, over its 42 year history, advertising during and leading up to the Super Bowl broadcast should be considered as a championship tournament as well.

Advertising and marketing show the pulse of […]

Cars of the Present: the LincVolt and SolarTaxi

The embattled Detroit auto executives could really get America excited if they pulled up to Congress in a LincVolt or SolarTaxi.

Farm Aid Director Neil Young is pushing the LincVolt, with a mind towards retrofitting our cars to run on batteries and compressed gas. That could be a big industry, and we will need to […]