Sade "Soldier of Love" Promo Download

Update – The “Soldier of Love” Video:

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2010 will be the Year of TheNewNo2

TheNewNo2’s “Yomp” from their debut album “You Are Here”

In the midst of all this classic rock madness, a great new band has come to the fore to seize on the massive Beatles publicity, and it is our friends thenewno2, lead by Dhani Harrison.

After a deliberately long incubation, including a look at the […]

Willie Nelson with The Greatest Music Video Ever Made

At 76, there is no technology or creative situation that the man Willie Nelson can’t master. In this incredible video, which Willie directed himself, we see him at his desk in the bus, but are soon taken on a TRIP including a mad roller coaster ride. In the midst of the madness, Sister Bobbie […]

Song of A Baker – The Small Faces

Such ferociousness! We can see why Marko thought Kurt Cobain reminded him of Steve Marriott — they were both impish guys who could wrangle a guitar in a very special way.

Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake – a very reliable album for many circumstances.


Sunday Morning Gold: Blondie's "Heart of Glass" Video

Terrible video, incredible singer and song. Good shots of old New York too, including a green bus, The World Trade Center and The Bottom Line. BUT NOT CBGB’s. I wonder where it was filmed?