KUT Documents Armadillo World HQ

Even I have heard of the Armadillo World Headquarters, the legendary club in Austin, Texas that helped birth many bands, but is especially well-known for its role in establishing the city as a musical hotbed of its own. The Armadillo is where the Outlaw Country movement was created by a confluence of hippies and rednecks, […]

Earbender's First Meet Up

Andy Schwartz (Rock and Roll HOF), Jessica Pomerantz (Brides.com), Chris Cavs (Filmosity.com) and Dan Patterson (ABC Radio)

Thanks to all who attended the first earbender meet up last night at New York’s Emerald Inn! I was pleased to see folks from many forms of media, hanging and trading info about what they are working […]

John Lennon was a Waylon Jennings Fan

I mentioned to a few people that if John Lennon were still living on the upper west side, I would have invited him to the earbender meet up, to help pump up the Waylon Jennings vibe. Someone (thankfully) asked me what the connection between the Beatle and the outlaw country icon was, and I […]

First Earbender Meet-up Next Tuesday

earbender logo by Roger Dean

Join me when earbender goes live in New York on Tuesday, January 27 for the first earbender meet-up!

My blueprint is simple: to bring together the old media record business and new media people for fun, education and enrichment. The old stories plus the new perspective on music and […]