Playing for Change at K Earth

Playing for Change‘s visit to K Earth, the legendary oldies station of Los Angeles was an unexpected delight to have set up for this band of musicians from around the world. Based on the strong media resume of the project to date (Charlie Gibson, Conan, Leno, World Cafe) and always betting on a long shot, […]

Playing for Change at the World Cafe

One of the great triumphs Earbender generated on the Playing for Change tour was a booking on WXPN‘s immensely popular and influential syndicated daily program, The World Cafe with David Dye. This episode will be broadcast nationally on December 23. On it, the group performs “A Change is Gonna Come,” “Stand By Me” and Tracy […]

New and Old Media Team (Pitchfork and World Cafe) to Host Music Debate

On a recent World Cafe, Ryan Schreiber of Pitchfork and Dave Thompson, who wrote the book, New Music Sucks, faced off in a heated debate about new vs old music. Thompson opens the argument talking about shoes (which brings to mind “St. Hubbins – the patron saint of Quality Footwear” in Spinal Tap).