Guggenheim Museum's Social Media Talent Search

Guggenheim YouTube Play

Just a few blocks down 5th Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently promoted itself via a Flickr account where it asked visitors to upload their pictures. But the Guggenheim’s social media campaign via YouTube includes the promise of participants’ work being considered as art for the museum itself. As a […]

Lee Ritenour's Chops + Social Media = 6 String Theory

It takes many guitars to make a Lee Ritenour album!

“One day, I just had this vision. Maybe it was inspired by YouTube, the way you can spend an hour on there and see clips of every amazing guitar player under the sun. Or maybe it was inspired by the fact that I love […]

Vevo, Major Labels' Video Site, Debuts Today

Vevo, the high quality internet video channel owned by two major record labels, is launching tonight.

Vevo’s blog has already posted a few videos, including a welcome message from Kid Cudi and original content from 50 Cent and Wyclef Jean. As promised by Doug Morris, head of Universal Music, Vevo’s video does seem to […]

Marilyn McCoo and Solid Gold – Only Time Will Tell

The group is from England, and they’re called Asia. Here to sing their song “Only Time Will Tell” is a very lovely American, Ms. Marilyn McCoo.