Neil Young Rolls Through NY, Archives Trailer Released

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Neil Young @ MSGIf you were reading my tweets, you know I was at the big Neil Young/Wilco show last night at good old Madison Square Garden, one of my favorite venues. I’ve been seeing shows there since 1979 and it rarely disappoints in terms of atmosphere and sound. Last night’s show was an awesome one.

Wilco was the first artist I saw and they turned in a typically mellow, jammy set w/Nels Cline‘s guitar and pedal steel providing a strong backbone during the verses and blazing during solos. I always wonder while watching Wilco who their influences are, it seems to range from earthy rock like Dylan and the Dead to new wave and punk too.

The audience wasn’t that old but a geezer next to me was OUT during Wilco. He woke up to applaud at the end of their set though. Then I snuck down from the blues and had perfect seats for Neil’s show, which began with four or five classics (“Love and Only Love,” “Everybody Knows this is Nowhere,” etc.) and then ENDED with new songs celebrating cars and driving, spreading the message of the electric car he is developing.

What a privilege to hear some of the most iconic guitar playing and singing in the history of rock live and direct. As good as Wilco’s performance was, Neil came out RAGING! He didn’t proselytize, was wearing “hippies for Obama” button and actually made a comment about his label being in the audience and how he wanted us to cheer like hell for the new material.

He’s coming off Greendale, Living with War, Prairie Wind, Chrome Dreams II and CSNY Live/Deja Vu, none of which made a significant impact despite tours and a lot of spieling on Neil’s part.

On the other side of the table, Neil has the incredible Archives Vol. 1, 23 years in the making and a MUST for ALL Neil Young fans. It has probably cost millions to make but unlike Chinese Democracy, you can bet this will be an amazing package. It seems as though Neil has taken the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series to another level, but does it make sense to sell it in one block and make us wait? Dylan’s eight volumes have come over a 20 year period.

Whatever the case, yesterday the Archives set took another step towards reality.

Check the trailer!

If you want to learn more about Neil Young, I strongly recommend the book Neil and Me, written by his father Scott, a legendary writer himself, most famous as a hockey reporter.

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