Echoes: Earbender Playlist of the Week #19

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Echoes is a nationally syndicated program produced by the married couple of John Diliberto and Kimberly Haas.  Having started at the tail end of the New Age “craze,” the program picked up where their previous production Totally Wired left off, and has fought the good fight for ambient music for the benefit of many artists and listeners.  Ok, a few maybe drove into the guard rail, but over all, Echoes has been a great thing on the radio.  This week marks their 20th year on air.  Congratulations John and Kim!

I also happened to find video of John recording a session celebrating International Guitar Night that follows.


1. Morgan Doctor – Other Life (Aporia Records, Inc.)
2. Matthew Schoening – The Art of Live Looping (Self Released)
3. Mark Isham – Crash (Superb Records)
4. William Orbit – My Oracle Lives Uptown (Spacelodge/Kobalt Digital)
5. Solar Fields Movements – Ultimae
6. Acoustic Eidolon – River of Fire (Acoustic Woods Record)
7. Electric Harp Guitar Group – Electric Harp Guitar Group (Wisdom Tree Music)
8. Mark Dwane – Other Worlds (Trondant)
9. Mandrake Project A Miraculous Container – Blistering Records
10. Balmorhea – All is Wild, All is Silent (Western Vinyl)
11. H. U. V. A. Network Ephemeris – Ultimae
12. The Beyman Bros. – Memories of Summer as a Child (Dharma Moo)
13. David Darling – Prayer for Compassion (Wind Over the Earth Recordings)
14. Bob Holroyd – RE: (Long Tale Recording)
15. Kalyan & Sambodhi Prem – Cello Circles (Global Suitcase Publishing)
16. Michael Barry-Rec – Streams in the Dessert (Self Released)
17. Jorma Kaukonen – River of Time (Red House)
18. Michael Penn – Sunshine Cleaning (Lakeshore Records)
19. Craig D’Andrea – Getting Used to Isolation (CandyRat Records)
20. Jeff Ball – Ghost Town (Trailhead Flute Inc.)
21. Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin – Heroes Original Soundtrack (La-La Land Records)
22. Natural Born Chillers 2 (Aleph Zero Records)
23. Whitetree Cloudland (Ponderosa Music & Art
24. Oreka Tx –  Nomadak Tx (World Village)
25. Bodhi – Harbin Temple (Crystal Wind Music)

A listener filmed his vintage stereo while listening to the program:

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