Island Records 50th Anniversary: The Visuals

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One of the great aspects of Island Records releases have been there striking visual images, from the iconic palm tree logo (not to mention sub-labels such as Antilles, Mango, ZTT, etc. which all had their own distinctive vibe).

A few of my favorites include Anton Corbijn (U2); Adrian Boot (that’s his Bob Marley photo above) and Neville Garrick (who made Bob Marley’s album covers) and Jean-Paul Goude (Grace Jones). While it can be difficult to find many images that can be scraped for blog use on guys like that, there are a excellent videos available, after the jump.

Anton Corbijn’s Video from The Joshua Tree photo shoot

A Jean-Paul Goude Retrospective

Neville Garrick working on his famous backdrop for Bob Marley and the Wailers


What are your favorite Island album covers and visuals?

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