WFMU Goes International with Primavera Broadcast

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(photo by Colin M. Strickland)

Jersey City – based WFMU goes international again today with a live broadcast of the Primavera Sound festival from Barcelona! WFMU has been one of the most active online since the beginning of internet broadcasting in the 90s, and their global following is considerable. That’s because there is nothing like WFMU!

As the internet broadcasting story has unfolded over the past 15 years, WFMU has been at the forefront of various digital rights causes, technological developments and has also continued to create great programming that challenges its listeners.

One of WFMU’s most innovative efforts is the Free Music Archive, a place where you can legally download all sorts of music. The site has several “curators,” including KEXP and an Israel-based multi-media studio, and is broken up by genre for the timid.

Follow them on Twitter! Visit the Free Music Archive! Listen to the bands from Spain!

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