Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Freakies

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Freakies was a cereal and maybe even a short-lived tv show in the 70s. These commercials made a big impact when introduced. Note their resemblance to the Smurfs and other ensembles of film and literature, with the boss, nerd, etc. “Crunchy, sugary and toasty.”

They push the prize inside to close every commercial. Besides Chex, Freakies could be the sweetest cereal Ralston Purina has ever marketed. They were good without milk and because of the strong commercials, the prizes were of interest. This cereal didn’t last but I remember Freakies.

Freakies Commercial Compilation

I also remembered the saying “you are what you eat” the other night while buying a box of Nerds candy. I guess the stranger and more appealing the name, the less nutrition, and the worse the results (but in line with the brand name at least?). A recent list of food rules in the Times suggested that anything with an “OS” sound is bad for you: Doritos, Ho-hos, etc. Probably a good idea for “EES” too, but I had a few boxes in my formative years.

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