Iron Man 2's Classic Rock Campaign

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Aside from a stand up I saw for Reese’s and a few billboards, it seems like most of the marketing for Iron Man 2 is focused around the music of AC/DC. The movie comes out next Friday, May 7. It seems like the real marketing push has not descended upon us yet. Maybe they are focused on “phase 2”?

Maybe I am underestimating AC/DC’s ability to generate excitement. I have purposely avoided watching trailers since I don’t want to know the plot line or villains in advance, but the ones I have seen feature AC/DC heavily. Maybe by focusing on classic rock fans and males in general, Iron Man 2’s marketers are letting us pull it along. I am definitely evangelical about all Marvel films, and I think the first Iron Man was one of their best. It surpassed the comic book!

AC/DC’s Highway to Hell video for Iron Man 2:

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