EPMD Live at Santo's

EPMD stormed back last night w/a vengeance. They went on pretty late, but when they did, Santo’s was packed. It was a lot of fun listening to some hip hop classics. The guys were in great spirits and addressed the crowd w/confidence and humor in between songs.

Erick joked about “being paid already” and reflected on how a young artist could make it today. He said he weighed 280 currently, and they also paid tribute to many fallen artists, including Luther Vandross, James Brown, MC Breed and Jam Master Jay (who they did a few rhymes from “Peter Piper” for in tribute)

Thanks to TheUndergroundComeUp.com for the video of the guys taking the stage. There’s more where that came from.

One thing that was a total mindblow was to think about President-elect Obama in the context of EPMD’s 20 year-old music. Who could have imagined we would live to see a black President in a country that discriminated against black music? When EPMD came out, they were one of the only rap artists on Sleeping Bag Records. There was no full time airplay, just specialty shows that were “off the hook.”

The really scary thing is that W. set the country back 30-40 years while in office, forcing the country to slingshot in to the future. Progress doesn’t happen gradually does it?

Congrats to Erick and Parrish on their return!

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