RIP Andrew Gold

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Andrew Gold with Linda Ronstadt

"My absolute favorite picture with Linda Ronstadt" from Andrew Gold's MySpace page

Besides a Gallifanikis beard, Andrew Gold had a career that has strong relevance to today’s entertainment world. His early death at 59 has me thinking about the man and his family, and of course, the business. Would a career like Andrew Gold’s be possible now? In fact, he could be a blueprint for today’s 360 business model drawing from performances, royalties, merch, sync rights and record sales to make a living.  Andrew Gold could have won a lot of talent contests with his singing and songwriting.

Among his many successful California rock collaborations, he sang with Linda Ronstadt, and was in the supergroup Bryndle with Kenny Edwards, Wendy Waldman and Karla Bonoff in the 90s (their sound was mixed by the legendary Chris “Hoover” Rankin).  Gold also collaborated with 10cc member Graham Gouldman in the band Wax.  He may be best remembered by the public for “Thank You for Being a Friend,” used as the theme for the tv show “Golden Girls” and his 1977 hit “Lonely Boy.”

Gold may not have been a star himself, but he was absolutely critical to many star vehicles and successes. Ronstadt in particular was a strong advocate for his music (I recall she gave him a big intro at her 1980 Nassau Coliseum show). Andrew Gold’s influence was even closer to home when I worked with a relative of his at Island who made sure we all knew her last name was not that common.   I am thinking of her today and the rest of his family, as well as Linda Ronstadt, my buddy Hoov and all Andrew Gold’s collaborators and fans.  59 is way too young.

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