Stonyfield Farms Teams with Skier Bode Miller's Turtle Ridge Foundation


Stonyfield Farms' Packaging featuring the Bode Miller Campaign

Stonyfield Farms Organic is a company that makes yogurt and espouses green ethics in its marketing efforts.  A few years ago, I was impressed when they gave a free container to everyone on the Long Island Rail Road, to encourage people to take mass transit.  Of course, dairy farming is one of the largest producers of greenhouse gasses, but the company seems to compensate for its “carbon footprint,” at least as a sales spiel.  They have also sponsored a tour by Jack Johnson, the surfer who struck it big in mellow music a few years ago.  Stonyfield Farms have also been contributors to Farm Aid.

Their latest campaign caught my attention, as it is connected to skiing’s Bode Miller.  Miller is a New Hampshire native and a peculiar character among athletes.  He won the World Cup Alpine Championship last year, and a World Cup is a hell of a lot harder to win than the Olympics, as it shows who is best over a season involving many races, on many different courses.  Bode Miller has stopped skiing this year due to injury, and is considering retirement.  It seems his next career, as an environmental activist, is set to begin whenever he is ready.

Stonyfield Farms, as an organic, New Hampshire-based company, must be to his liking, as they have started a contest with Miller’s Turtle Ridge Foundation, which “helps protect nature’s resources and promotes organic farming and sustainable living.”  On the inside of the lid, there is a further explanation: “We’ve partnered with the Turtle Ridge Foundation started by reigning World Cup Alpine Champion and double Winter Games Medalist Bode Miller and his family.  The foundation supports environmental protection and youth sports programs.  Learn more and enter to win autographed 2009/2010 Head skis at

Bode Miller Taking Care of Business on the Slopes:

As a Stonyfield Farms yogurt eater and a bit of a Bode Miller fan, I felt this was a good message to help spread.  Enter the contest and go organic!  There’s a great video on their “YoTube” page where Bode talks about his organic farm, that includes some of his great skiing.  He’s one of the world’s fastest people, and he is making an effort to slow down our destruction of the planet.

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