Ian Hunter at River 2 River Fest, New York

Ian Hunter at the River 2 River Fest, New York
The Sun was out just enough to make Ian Hunter break out some of his famous shades.

Rock legend Ian Hunter played on a riverfront lawn in the Battery Park area of Manhattan last night. His set was a mix of legendary songs from Mott the Hoople and his solo catalog, starting with “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” as the weather got better and better. As befitting an artist more “influential” than “monumental.” the crowd was comprised of some of the oldest, most intense rock fans I have ever seen. In fact, several of them also have blogs, a further testimony to the loyalty and interest level of Ian Hunter’s fans.

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As I took these pictures, many folks were asking me to sit down. What could I do? My VIP friend Jody Denberg was here from Austin TX to interview Ian Hunter about his new album, and there were a few other major industry folks and bloggers there as well. A few folks I saw: Melani and Ed Rogers; Gary Briggs; Joe Elliot of Def Leppard; Maura Kennedy; the kid from Perfect Sound magazine; rock manager Danny Goldberg; Howard Thompson of North Fork Sound and Jeff Hinz of Friday Night Dance Party.

That’s a few major outlets that will be posting something about the Ian Hunter show at Battery Park. I was excited to see Brady Brock, internet marketer for Danny Goldberg’s management co. at the event. Could it be that he was working all those guys? Either way, I hope Brady will document the effect of the blog posts about Ian Hunter. Danny Goldberg is a shrewd enough to know the effect of blogs and I’m glad Brady is working this scene for his company, being a former college radio promotion person himself.

Back to the show. As mentioned, with a 70-year-old, you get a pretty “mature” audience. Hope you enjoy the video, I suffered some barbs in order to get it. These folks must have been sitting there for hours to get prime seats for the show. I bet the blogosphere has an influence on them!

Lucid Culture: http://lucidculture.wordpress.com/2009/06/25/concert-review-ian-hunter-at-rockefeller-park-nyc-62409/#comment-10422

Turns out Sal Nunziata from Burning Wood was there too!: http://burnwoodtonite.blogspot.com/2009/06/ian-hunter-live-in-nyc.html

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