Michael Jackson – A Punch Line Comedians Relied On

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Only a few days in, some folks are tiring of the Michael Jackson coverage. The only reason to tire is he only gave us about five albums of material. I am hearing Michael Jackson in cars, walking past stores, outside apartment buildings and all over Manhattan. It’s nice to know the music will never, ever, die, because it is so important to such a massive number of folks, that it’s hard to comprehend, even when you see the numerous international headlines, shrines and tributes.

While I am sad about Michael Jackson’s early death, in remembering him, I also remembered some of the negatives. The fact that he was so popular made him the frequent butt of comedians. After the jump, Earthquake, Katt Williams, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker and Dave Chappelle cut Michael down to size. This is one cottage industry that has just grown exponentially. I wonder when it will be ok for Conan and Letterman to make their remarks? That’s a middle ground, PG-rated experience.

I’m attempting to be balanced in my view of Michael Jackson but also try to improve the mood.

Earthquake “Never, never!”

Katt Williams: “Fuck Michael!”

Eddie Murphy: “Michael Jackson’s after me? So?”

Chris Tucker: “What if Michael Jackson was a pimp?”

David Chappelle: “Kid had the nerve to call that abuse?”

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