Danny Clinch's Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

Danny Clinch has had a major role in Bruce Springsteens most recent projects

Danny Clinch has had a major role in Bruce Springsteen's most recent projects

The great visual artist (and harmonica player) Danny Clinch recently announced Be True, an exciting exhibition that will open next week in Asbury Park NJ, where many of the pictures were taken. As you can see from the poster (right), this is a Bruce Springsteen experience, and anyone who has listened to his music and taken a walk around that city can feel his vibe very strongly.

Danny Clinch’s photos have been used on a few recent Springsteen albums, and he has also helped him create videos which were part of the excellent Devils and Dust package. Judging by the poster, there are going to be many pictures we have never seen of Bruce in his element.

I’m not sure exactly, but I think it is only in the past few years that he has brought the Asbury Park imagery back into his visual presentation. If it’s Springsteen, it’s very well-thought through, and the 1999 E Street reunion, 9/11 and The Rising probably made him want to identify with the area more than he had in the 90s.

Congratulations to Danny Clinch on Be True!

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