Mike Watt Holiday Cards for Heal the Bay

sunrise over the terminal island federal prison! (photo by mike watt)

mike watt, who spends most mornings kayaking in the waters off san pedro, ca, usually documents his trips with great pictures.  he has now donated some of his work to create holiday cards for Heal the Bay.  watt, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow, recently wrote:

“hey friends,

heal the bay are folks trying to help get the waters off of so cal not so foul and filthy from human abuse to it. humans can get smarter about this, I think. there’s cards you can get (they asked for one of my pictures for one) here.

for some donating to what I think is a very happening cause seeing I paddle my kayak in the l.a. harbor and waters outside it and know firsthand of some of the foulness. I know we can get it together and help this group help get things healthier for all of us.

on bass, watt”

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