Black History Month: Happy Birthday Bob Marley and Babe Ruth

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Austin TX's Barbara Lugge's Bob Marley portrait in fabric

Bob Marley in fabric by Austin TX artist Barbara Lugge

Today is the 64th anniversary of the birth of Bob Marley and it is now 28 years since he left us.  I have been to his birthplace, and it is still amazing to me to think that he made it from a place like Nine Mile in St. Ann, Jamaica, to change the world. Nine Mile is a wild drive up many winding and rocky roads from Ocho Rios. There are very few signs, and on the way back to the northern coast, near Brown’s Town, I was actually using the Sun to navigate!

But Bob made it to Kingston from Nine Mile, and you can bet that when people go to Mars or whatever the next planet is, Bob Marley’s music will be with us. You can go to ANY country in the world and find his fans, usually because they display his picture proudly.

While the economic hardship, the religion-based problems in the Middle East and Africa — the “third world” as it was referred to in Bob’s lifetime and the struggle for human rights everywhere would be of concern to Marley, he would have probably sung for Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Maybe not at the main event, but possibly the after party?

It’s also the great Bambino, Babe Ruth‘s birthday today.  While he has a distinctly different personality from Marley’s, I am also a big fan of his and have been to his birthplace (in Baltimore) too.  I will be attending a 113th birthday party for him tonight as well as the NY Comic Con, so expect a few pics later on.

And definitely no mention of the famous MCA client Ronald Reagan, who also has a birthday today.  It’s just a coincidence, he is not as important as Bob Marley and Babe Ruth!

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