U2 and Spider-Man on Broadway: "Turn off the Dark"

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I’m not excited about seeing Spider-Man on Broadway. The music will no doubt be an improvement on the 70s Spider-Man album and the Superman play, but is it necessary?  It is set to open in February 2010, tickets are going on sale in June.  A lot can happen between now and then, namely, the market for $200 tickets might get a bit soft.


Howie B.'s Turn the Dark Off (1997 Island Records)

Coincidentally, “Turn the Dark Off” was the title of the second solo album by Howie B., one of the most agreeable rock stars I ever had the pleasure of working with. What a mellow cat! And very talented as a dj too: all kinds of tricks, entertaining clothes and good old records.

He kind of put a bad curse on U2 with their collaboration Pop, but I doubt that the U2 is regurgitating Howie B. music for the Broadway play. It’s a big relief that none of the Kristen Dunst performances from #3 will be in this show too… three songs! I think her character gets it in the next one (see Amazing Spider-Man #122).

It’s an interesting marketing opportunity that very few pop artists can make, but I’m surprised that U2 feels they need Spider-Man.  They should do something more substantial if they want to be on Broadway, based on their ballads/righteous vibe.  That probably would be more challenging artistically, but far less commercial.  Will they open in Branson?

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