KUSF, San Francisco: Earbender Playlist of the Week #14

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Top 30
1: The Love Me Nots “Detroit” (Atomic A Go Go)
2: Vetiver “Tight Knit” (Sub Pop)
3: Mirah “(a)spera” (K)
4: Wavves “S/T” (Woodsist)
5: Ty Segall “Skin” (Goodbye Boozy)
6: Crime In Choir “Gift Givers” (Kill Shaman)
7: Photobooth “Da Me Tu Besos” (Daggerman)
8: Dan Auerback “Keep It Hid” (Nonesuch)
9: Blatz / Filth “The Shit Split” (Alternative Tentacles)
10: Mystery Girls “Incontinopia” (In The Red)
11: Emeralds “What Happened” (No Fun)
12: Architecture in Helsinki “That Beep” (Polyvinyl)
13: Borg “1” (Phaserprone)
14: The Weakends “S/T” (Rob’s House Records)
15: Jacuzzi Boys “I Fought a Crocodile / Blowing Kisses” (Rob’s House Records)
16: V/A “Free Yr Radio Benefit Comp” (Free Yr Radio)
17: Replacements “Stink plus four” (Rhino)
18: V/A “Basic Replay” (Basic Replay)
19: Burning Hearts “Aboa Sleeping” (Shelflife)
20: Shinsei Band “10th Anniversary” (Hanaola)
21: Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavillion” (Domino)
22: Grass Widow “S/T” (S/R)
23: Zomby “Where Were U In `92” (Werk Discs)
24: The Stolen Minks “High Kicks” (New Romance For Kids)
25: The Puddle “The Shakespeare Monkey” (Fishrider)
26: V/A “1970’s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground” (Sublime Frequencies)
27: Skeletons “Money” (Tomlab)
28: Menahan Street Band “Make The Road By Walking” (Dunham)
29: Blanketship “Teen Sounds” (Gigante)
30: Brilliant Colors “S/T” (Make-A-Mess)

1: Vetiver “Tight Knit” (Sub Pop)
2: Crime In Choir “Gift Givers” (Kill Shaman)
3: Shinsei Band “10th Anniversary” (Hanaola)
4: Grass Widow “S/T” (S/R)
5: Blanketship “Teen Sounds” (Gigante)
6: Brilliant Colors “S/T” (Make-A-Mess)
7: The Fresh & Onlys “The Fresh & Onlys” (Castle Face Records)
8: Negative Trend “S/T” (2.13.61)
9: Prizehog “Alive & Well” (S/R)
10: Elm “Woven Into Light” (Blackest Rainbow)

1: Vetiver “Tight Knit” (Sub Pop)
2: Mirah “(a)spera” (K)
3: Wavves “S/T” (Woodsist)
4: Ty Segall “Skin” (Goodbye Boozy)
5: Crime In Choir “Gift Givers” (Kill Shaman)
6: Photobooth “Da Me Tu Besos” (Daggerman)
7: Dan Auerback “Keep It Hid” (Nonesuch)
8: Blatz / Filth “The Shit Split” (Alternative Tentacles)
9: Mystery Girls “Incontinopia” (In The Red)
10: Emeralds “What Happened” (No Fun)

1: Zion I “The Take Over” (Gold Dust)
2: V/A “Fly Girls” (Soul Jazz)
3: CLP “Supercontinental” (Shitkatapult)
4: Illa J “We Here (12″)” (Delicious Vinyl)
5: The Tones “Dreamtalk” (Plug)
6: Myka 9 “1969” (Fake Four)
7: P.O.S. “Never Better” (Rhymesayers)
8: Hawnay Troof “Islands Of Ayle” (Retard Disco)
9: DJ Signify “Of Cities” (Bully)
10: K-The-I??? “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” (Mush)

1: Ben Frost “Theory Of Machines” (Bedroom Community)
2: Uncle Woody Sullender “Live In Barkenhoff” (Dead CEO / Kunstlerhauser Worpswede)
3: Olekranon “Gaitan” (INAM)
4: Philip Jeck “Suite. Live in Liverpool” (Touch)
5: Fennesz “The Black Sea” (Touch)
6: Carlos Giffoni “Adult Life” (No Fun Productions)
7: Poptastic “The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus” (Seeland)
8: Big CIty Orchestra “Reach For The Moon” (S/R)
9: Zaimph “Serpent’s Bite” (Heavy Blossom)
10: Cranes “S/T” (Dadaphonic)

1: Prizehog “Alive & Well” (S/R)
2: Jerusalem “S/T” (Rockadrome)
3: Krallice “S/T” (Profound Lore)
4: Pegataur “Eternal Flight” (For Once)
5: Trash Talk “S/T” (S/R)
6: Menace Ruine “The Die Is Cast” (Alien 8)
7: Landed “How Little Will It Take” (Load)
8: Hair Police “Certainty Of Swarms” (No Fun)
9: Wolves in the Throne Room “Malevolent Grain” (Southern Lord)
10: The Curtains Of Night “Lost Houses” (Holidays For Quince Records)

1: Borg “1” (Phaserprone)
2: Zomby “Where Were U In `92” (Werk Discs)
3: Gui Boratto “Take My Breath Away” (Kompakt)
4: Glass Candy “Deep Gems” (Italians Do It Better)
5: Ezekeil Honig “Surfaces Of A Broken Marching Band” (Anticipate)
6: V/A “Pop Ambient 2009” (Kompakt)
7: The Shining Path “Chocolate Gasoline” (Holy Mountain)
8: Black Moth Super Rainbow “Don’t You Want To Be In A Cult (12″)” (Mexican Summer)
9: Pan American “White Bird Release” (Kranky)
10: Cluster “Grosses Wasser” (Water)

1: Blanketship “Teen Sounds” (Gigante)
2: Elm “Woven Into Light” (Blackest Rainbow)
3: Mountains “Choral” (Thrill Jockey)
4: Dawid Szczesny “Luxated Symmetry” (Porter)
5: Willits & Sakamoto “Ocean Fire” (12K)
6: Yatha Sidhra “A Meditation Mass” (Revisited / Brain)
7: Blackbird Raum “Swidden” (S/R)
8: The Rose Ensemble “And Glory Shone Around” (S/R)
9: Eddie The Rat “Out Behind The 8 Ball” (Edgetone Records)
10: Max Richter “24 Postcards” (Fat Cat)

1: Menahan Street Band “Make The Road By Walking” (Dunham)
2: David Hurley “Outer Nebula Inner Nebula” (Porter)
3: Fab Trio “Live in Amsterdam” (Porter Records)
4: Joe Chambers “New World” (Porter)
5: The California Honeydrops “Soul Tub” (Tub Tone)
6: Nate Wooley. Lonberg-Holm & Roebke “Thro Down Your Hammer And Sing” (Porter)
7: V/A “Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples” (Numero Group)
8: Isotope “Golden Section” (Cunieform)
9: Wicked Witch “Chaos * 1978-86” (EM)
10: Charlie Munro Quartet “Eastern Horizons” (Votary)

1: V/A “Basic Replay” (Basic Replay)
2: Shinsei Band “10th Anniversary” (Hanaola)
3: V/A “1970’s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground” (Sublime Frequencies)
4: Group Bombino “Guitars from Agadez Vol. 2” (Sublime Frequencies)
5: Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment “Biserka!” (S/R)
6: Dennis Brown “The Best Of Dennis Brown: The Niney Years” (Heartbeat)
7: Juana Molina “Un Dia” (Domino)
8: Alemayehu Eshete “Ethiopiques 22” (Buda Musique)
9: Zerfu Demissie “Akotet” (Terp)
10: Ibimeni “Garifuna Traditional Music Of Guatemala” (Sub Rosa)

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