Rooney, Marvel Music Group and Nicktoons Team

As announced during 2009 Comic Con, Marvel Comics has formed a Music Group and have enlisted the talents of the rock band Rooney to provide the theme song to Iron Man: Armored Adventures, a new animated series for Nicktoons that takes place during the superhero’s teenage years. It’s a really great song too! Check the video after the jump featuring animation from the new program and Rooney themselves.

Rooney in Marvel Music Group’s Video

This is a fantastic combination of a company with a great audience of young people, Marvel, and many ways to reach them teaming with a similar company in Nicktoons, who have slightly different media. The music is aimed at pre and early teens, and is well-suited as a theme song, upbeat and catchy. While Rooney is an Interscope recording artist, It appears Cherry Lane Music, a historic publishing company, will also supply artists for Marvel Music’s projects.

It will be exciting to see the Marvel Music Group attempt to expand the comic empire’s reach. With their extensive digital editions, it’s not hard to imagine a time when music will play as readers click through those pages. With so many artists of all genres available, there are many variations available. There could be hybrid musical comics including artists as characters, like Kiss, or create new characters based on music.

I would be into seeing Sade, Kate Bush or Enya in these comics as well as the obvious Slayer and other metal. There is always room for action/energy music. Dr. Strange is going to need some cool cuts too.

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