Iron Man 2's Classic Rock Campaign

Aside from a stand up I saw for Reese’s and a few billboards, it seems like most of the marketing for Iron Man 2 is focused around the music of AC/DC. The movie comes out next Friday, May 7. It seems like the real marketing push has not descended upon us yet. Maybe they are […]

AC/DC's All Over Iron Man 2

You were expecting Angus shorts?

Rock legends AC/DC will be the sole music contributor to Iron Man 2, it was announced today by Marvel Comics. As the classic rock band extends its long career with yet another innovative marketing move, we can only stand back and salute. Their previous recording “Black Ice” was available […]

Rooney, Marvel Music Group and Nicktoons Team

As announced during 2009 Comic Con, Marvel Comics has formed a Music Group and have enlisted the talents of the rock band Rooney to provide the theme song to Iron Man: Armored Adventures, a new animated series for Nicktoons that takes place during the superhero’s teenage years. It’s a really great song too! Check the […]

Airship 27: "Pulp Fiction for a New Generation"

I was just passing through the Podcast section of the NY Comic Con yesterday when I stopped by the Airship 27 table. Representing such esoteric interests, I felt compelled to include them here instead of the blockbusters.

Airship 27 revives old characters, and uses old style media to tell the story. Founder Ron Fortier explained […]

Spider-Man and President Obama Team Up

Obama as a Super-Hero

Tomorrow, Marvel Comics will release one of the most clever and surreal comic books in history, when Spider-Man teams up with President Barack Obama on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #583. The story takes place on Inauguration Day.

The 2nd Printing has a different cover

There has been […]