One Eskimo Yogurt Shop Show

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The UK band One EskimO rolled through New York last week on a promo tour for their upcoming album, and I caught them at a yogurt shop on Bleecker Street. It’s not every band that will take the street in broad daylight with no particular demand for their performance.

I thought the yogurt shop show was a great idea and so did about 50 people who stopped to watch their 45-minute set. One Eskimo’s music reminded me of the Blue Nile, Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller and other bands whose singers emote with a British accent. If you visit their site, you’ll see a blog that tells the story associated with their artwork, and I happened to find their “bio” info on wikipedia.

One Eskimo has the assets for a great online/viral campaign too: 14 videos very sophisticated to accompany every song on their album, interesting artwork and a theme to go along with it.

One Eskimo “Kandi”

Also, here’s the link to a Don Diablo of remix “Givin’ Up” stream you might enjoy while reading their story.

1 comment to One Eskimo Yogurt Shop Show

  • Jake Selway

    Woweee love these guys, literally cant wait for the album to be released..on the 22nd of june i think 🙂