Ernie Ball and Music Man 25th Anniversary Tour

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In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the union of guitar string manufacturer Ernie Ball and guitar/bass company Music Man, Steve Morse is doing a tour of stores with Steve Lukather, John Petrucci and Dave LaRue talking about their instruments and the company. It will be hosted by Sterling Ball, scion of the company founder and namesake, Ernie Ball. I always thought it was cool that Ernie Ball, who worked with metal, named his kid Sterling.

The promo poster for the Chicago in store:

Ernie Ball Sessions Poster

Steve Morse of the most distinctive and best artists I have known. He is founder of the Dixie Dregs, plays in Deep Purple (as Watt would say “the Purp” or is it spelled “perp”?) and his own Steve Morse Band. He started the Dregs at the University of Miami in the 70s and has since established himself as one of the best to ever play the instrument, garnering many awards, endorsements and “wow dude!”s over the years.

I always felt Steve’s ability came from an affinity for the guitar, brain power and a lot of discipline. In this video below, he talks about playing through an injury for a recorded concert and his focus is singular. As a major equipment endorser, he often does clinics at stores that are pretty damn interesting.

There are only six events scattered around the country, so I hope you get to attend. If not, there is a ton of great versions of the same idea on YouTube.

Steve Morse and Sterling Ball describe “Number 1” – the prototype of his signature guitar

For more information about the 25th Anniversary tour, please visit Premier Guitar, or Ernie Ball.

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