Green Day: "21st Century Breakdown" Live at Webster Hall

Green Day is on a promotional tear for their new album “21st Century Breakdown,” and I was fortunate to catch a bit of their whirlwind last night at Webster Hall. It was their second club show in as many nights, in a two-week-long flurry of activities. If you want to see some intense music marketing, study the beginning of blockbusters like this album, which is now #1 in the country, despite a Friday release!

The music seems to be as commercial and satisfying to their fans as ever, and while the single “Know Your Enemy,” has a more serious tone, it seems as though Green Day’s reign will continue with new young fans coming in to the fold this year. While there isn’t much competition as “Biggest/Best American Band” (most folks would choose Wilco), Green Day clearly belongs in that group. Their songs reek of the Who’s influence, and that is not a negative.

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