Jamaica Does It Again! Usain Bolt Shatters 100m and 200m Records in Berlin

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Usain Bolt TCB in Berlin

Jamaican sprinter Usain “Lightning” Bolt has done it again, setting two new World Record in the 100m (9.58 seconds, .11 off the previous!) this week in Berlin! Shelly-Ann Fraser, won the women’s 100m, and Melaine Walker won the 400m Hurdles. In celebration of their great acheivements, we once again salute the Jamaican track team, for working hard and setting a great example for everyone.

Think about how much Jamaica gets done with some of the worst resources. This sport requires no equipment, which is necessary in a country that is so poverty-stricken. I hope the success of the athletes brings more tourist money to Jamaica especially. Usain Bolt and the whole team have a chance to show the world another view of Jamaica. After all, even the World Cup run in football a few years ago was with a team that had the nickname “Reggae Boys.”

Earbender has long been supportive of Jamaican culture through reggae promotion and as with baseball in the US, we maintain a constant interest in sports. Since his first record-breaking run on Randall’s Island in New York, Usain Bolt has lit up the sports world, and after his Gold medal performance at the Beijing Olympics, Usain “Lightning” Bolt was also named Earbender Sports Personality of the Year 2008.

Usain Bolt in the 100m (9.58 seconds)

Usain Bolt in the 200m (19.19 seconds)

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