Earbender's Sports Highlights of 2009

Looking back at the previous year in sports, the Earbender Sports Personality of the Year is “awarded” annually to the young athlete (or a veteran in a new role) that overcomes social, political and competitive challenges. I look to various professional sports as a pastime but also as a lesson in teamwork and other […]

Earbender’s 2010 Preview

Season's Greetings from Sony conclude a decade where the Walkman became an iPod

After almost a month away, Earbender returns! In the next few days, as we catch up, look for a few atypical year/decade in review lists; artifacts from the incredible pilgrimage to Texas to see Willie Nelson and of course, a preview […]

Jamaica Does It Again! Usain Bolt Shatters 100m and 200m Records in Berlin

Usain Bolt TCB in Berlin

Jamaican sprinter Usain “Lightning” Bolt has done it again, setting two new World Record in the 100m (9.58 seconds, .11 off the previous!) this week in Berlin! Shelly-Ann Fraser, won the women’s 100m, and Melaine Walker won the 400m Hurdles. In celebration of their great acheivements, we once again […]

Michael Phelps to Get Weedies Deal?

Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimming champion and Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year 2008, has been photographed smoking marijuana (right).

Michael Phelps Taking an Expensive Hit

Apparently it occurred at the University of South Carolina, where he was visiting friends. You could say he was a “Game Cock” for a night (of smoking).

While […]

Earbender Sports Personality of the Year 2008: Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt of Jamaica is our (obvious) choice for this year’s Earbender Sports Personality of the Year. I first heard about him when “Lightning” Bolt he set a new world record on Randall’s Island in the Spring, anticipating his success at the Olympics. In Beijing, Usain Bolt won 4 Gold medals in track, between sprints […]