Audience Conference Music and Technology Meet Just Days Away

At the Audience conference, leading members of the tech community and various artists will present their thoughts on the topic of building and maintaining fans, or audience.

The thinking is that people in the tech world are new to many aspects of performance or even show business, and artists can demonstrate what they know about how to reach people.

So what is the “tech community”? It’s the group of people concerned with the development of businesses on the net, and reviews of various devices, sites and personnel behind them. Over the past few years, companies like TechCrunch, Mahalo and CNet have become the leaders in this movement, which is vast in readership (it concerns ALL serious net users) and influence.

Earbender is music marketing representative for the Audience conference. As such, I will be looking for artists to perform at the event at this week’s CMJ Music Marathon. After many years as a promoter, this is the first CMJ I will be attending as a buyer of talent since I was music director of WUSB, Stony Brook.

If you are representative of a band or an artist yourself, the Audience conference represents a unique chance to put your music in front of people from Mahalo, CNet, TechCrunch and numerous other influential tech sites. Any artist mentioned who participates will receive exposure to a vast, intelligent and therefore, influential audience.

Tech commentary is the common link to ALL sites on the internet, any innovation or product that comes out and their socioeconomic implications. If you are into exposing your music or a music service online, the Audience conference on November 6 in New York City is a great place to do it.

Please contact me here for more info on performance and sponsorship opportunities.

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