Sade's "Soldier of Love" Sets Valentine's Agenda

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Sades taking Valentines Day

Sade's taking Valentine's Day

Sade has announced that Soldier of Love, her first new album since 2000’s “Lover’s Rock” will be released on February 8, 2010. (To purchase a copy, click here)

From a consumer perspective, it seems cheap to hear Valentine’s Day marketing starting in late November.  As a music marketer, however, I’m proud that Sade, a sexually powerful artist, is being put in such an excellent position to succeed.

“Soldier of Love,” is Sade’s first album in nine years, but also only her second in 16!  I am proud to have been her fan since discovering her on a trip to England in 1985, prior to Diamond Life‘s US debut release.

Led by singles “Smooth Operator” and “Hang on to Your Love,” Diamond Life established the Sade sound, created with Stuart Mathewman, Andrew Hale and Paul S. Denman, who continue to collaborate with her to this day.  (Who would leave her?)  On that original pressing, the cd and lp had “Shar-day” in parentheses on the cover so you knew how to pronounce her name.

As hip hop took over r&b radio, Sade scored massive sync hits in the 90s, with “Indecent Proposal” cementing the sexual image most of her fans had associated with her since the beginning.  Numerous ads followed, and even Lucinda Williams and Mick Jagger (with the other Rolling Stones) included Sade in their Starbuck’s “Artist Choice” cds.  The songs they chose came from “Lover’s Rock,” Sade’s 2000 recording that further established her music’s worldwide association with romance.

There will no doubt be an onslaught between now and February for Sade. When will the singles and videos be released? What endorsement deals are available to her? I say Chanel and not Victoria’s Secret. It will be interesting to see how Sade appeals to middle America, those troublesome red-states that mark the border of the “culture wars,” and who seem to be most effectively reached by reality tv. I don’t see Helen Folasade Adu appearing on American Idol – she has done very few interviews, but maybe Oprah is a good venue for her, or 60 Minutes.

As a massive fan, I am pleased to share the exciting news about “Soldier of Love,” announced on with the album cover above.  It recalls the backless top Sade wore at Live Aid in 1985, and it seems as though she is overlooking the fertility-oriented pyramids of Tical.   I hope all readers of this page have someone good to share this music with — you have until February… and congrats to Sade, her manager and the folks at Sony for picking a great release date!

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