Are's Classics Customer Based?

John Coltrane and The Minutemen - a different kind of classic!

A different kind of "classic"

Although I realize these suggestions from Amazon are based on my preferences and history, I was really happy to see The Minutemen listed among such artists as John Coltrane, Duke Ellington and Heart.  Makes me curious about whether or not this area is adjusted based on your history.  I.e., if you buy more Jonas Brothers, will Bobby Sherman or ‘N-Sync become your classic?

Bullethead, please respond with the facts.  I’m curious if “classic” remains static regardless of people’s choices/preferences.  Obviously “best sellers” would be affected by genre/history, but there should be an overall “aesthetic winner” like there is a sales winner.  What is the best album of all time?  Not the biggest selling, but the BEST.  Just wondering.  There should be a consensus.

This different perspective on competition is what Mike Watt refers to as “the marketplace of ideas as opposed to the marketplace of commerce.”  Hats off to Amazon for making the two match up, at least on my computer.

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