Brian Eno Interview on The Current

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Eno hates the word interatctive.

Eno hates the word "interatctive."

“I look for things I’ve never heard before… excitement always comes out of novelty. I’m always trying to find the part of the work that is at the absolute edge of the musician or of the culture at the time.”

– Brian Eno to The Current

Does Brian Eno have a new album coming out? Is he lobbying for Roxy Music‘s induction to the Rock Hall of Fame? Was he up in Minnesota finally collaborating with Prince? It turns out he and Jon Hassell are on a lecture tour that happened to stop by Minneapolis’ Walker Arts Center.

Earbender seems to be spending a lot of time in the Twin Cities these days… Our consumption of entertainment varies greatly, I wonder what this says about the projects I’m promoting… probably a good sign considering Minnesota’s progressive history.

The Twins are nipping at the Tigers’ heels this weekend too!

Eno doesn’t do that many interviews – he’s old, rich and in demand for corporate stuff we never see. But he has deep thoughts and a great sense of humor, so I eagerly consume every one. I was actually inspired by his comments to Musician magazine during my college years to pursue a career in music (he recommended working on things you like doing).

Hit the player below, and you will hear him interviewed by Steve Seel of The Current.

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