Bjork’s Biophilia Matches Visuals and Music

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Bjork Biophilia Album Cover

Bjork is (briefly) limited to two dimensions on Biophilia's "cover" (Nonesuch)

As the convergence of the touch screen continues, futuristic music artist Bjork has created Biophilia, a new music album in the form of a series of iPad apps.  In it, the music of Bjork is matched to various visual patterns that the user can manipulate to influence the compositions and sound itself.  While I only downloaded the free version, it’s clear that by adding the additional tracks/apps that users can access a whole new experience in music, marketing and technology.

Bjork’s recent interview with NPR’s Bob Boilen described how the app/album was created and that it started out as a project to create a music house in Iceland.  Music as a basis for interaction is a powerful tool and Bjork is once again taking the lead in innovation.  It seems she backed off the larger plans and instead created an app to package the music and visuals together.

As a music fan and marketer, Biophilia is a predecessor like Edison’s cylinder recording of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Think about that experience versus cds or even the lp and I think it compares to what we will see in the future for visuals embedded with music. We know music is a powerful and international language, and we know technology has the ability to embed it in so many environments and situations, in particular the touchscreen.

Artists that delight the eyes as well as the ears are needed. The convergence of music, data, technology and creativity is upon us! Thanks to Bjork for pushing things further as usual.

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