Hot Stove Begins – Gold Gloves, Yanks Champs Again, Free Agents

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Torii Spider-Man Hunter TCB for Anaheim in 09

Torii "Spider-Man" Hunter TCB for Anaheim in 09

Ryan Zimmerman, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixiera, Torii Hunter, Adam Jones, Evan Longoria — all the players announced so far seem to have a real all-around approach to the game.  No Mark Belangers in this list so far!

In other baseball news, the Yankees won the World Series last week!  Hats off to manager Joe Girardi for keeping the core players healthy all year, while getting sporadic yet key performances out most everyone on the team.  Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Pettitte and Matsui all kept producing while we also saw the development of Joba, a return to form for Melky and Cano, and a new stadium.

The prices need to come down next year.  I like the new building a lot, but I have deep resentment for the Yankees for pricing out the little guy.  There is no excuse for the stadium not being sold out for the next five years straight, but somehow Randy Levine and co. only sold out the place a handful of times in 09.

In free agent news, I was pleased to read that Ken Griffey Jr. will be returning for another round with the Mariners next year.  His career has been a joy to watch for the most part.  He probably knows going to Cincinnati was a mistake.  I had a terrible vision that the Mariners might sign Hideki Matsui, to create a legendary tandem with Ichiro for Japanese fans, but this Jr. news precludes that possibility. It is great to hear that the Red Sox made an emotional choice and brought back the rickety Jason Varitek.

Damn do I hate him the most. I’d sure like to see A Rod do a Pete Rose on him in 2010. That was some display by Alex Rodriguez in the playoffs! Come to think of it, I would rather see Rodriguez hit some more of those meaningful homers he clubbed at the end of the season. Wow.

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