Earbender's Sports Highlights of 2009

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Looking back at the previous year in sports, the Earbender Sports Personality of the Year is “awarded” annually to the young athlete (or a veteran in a new role) that overcomes social, political and competitive challenges. I look to various professional sports as a pastime but also as a lesson in teamwork and other aspects of life. In singling out a particular sports figure, I hope to popularize them.

This year, I am pleased to name downhill skier Lindsey Vonn the 2009 Earbender Sports Personality of the Year. This year, she won her second straight World Cup in skiing, has won more races and titles than any American skier in history and has done it while coming back from injury after injury. Besides her athletic accomplishments, Vonn also maintains a strong connection to her fans through social media and is an excellent ambassador for the sport.

Previous Earbender Sports Personality of the Year Recipients:
Ozzie Guillen (2005); Drew Brees (2006); Lewis Hamilton (2007); Usain Bolt (2008)

Earbender’s Sports Highlights of 2009

1. Michael Phelps To Get Weedies Deal?
The most traffic-inducing post of the year, for better or worse.

2. Jamaica Does It Again! Usain Bolt Shatters 100m and 200m Records in Berlin
Coming back from injury, “Lightning” Bolt beat his own previous world records by a huge margin.

3. Opening Night at Yankee Stadium
Although it costs a fortune to breathe in the new park, it came out great.

4. Paul McCartney ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ Live in NYC
As with his Beatles in 1965, Paul McCartney is the big event during a losing season to open an utterly nondescript new stadium.

5. Speaking of Purity, Derek Jeter is the Yankees’ All-Time Hit Leader
During yet another golden season, Derek Jeter matched the greatest and most noble Yankee record.

6. BaseballDigest.com Goes Live
I was proud to be part of the legendary publication’s technology conversion in 2009.

7. Rosenfelder Index – Live Blog of Super Bowl XLIII Ads
“It’s also the championship of advertising and marketing.”

8. RIP Mark “The Bird” Fidrych: Now He Belongs to the Ages
The beloved Tiger pitcher was killed suddenly as the season began.

9. MLB Network Debuts Tonight and I’m Hooked
MLB’s continued mastery of the media and marketing progressed with the debut of its own tv channel.

10. Banging with the Lakers DJ Mbenga and Chris “Hoover” Rankin
A great story of “fan interaction,” between the players, the media and each other.

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