Obama on Intellectual Property at US Export Conference

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Music, which has fueled a generation’s adoption of the internet (through Napster) and created the market for the handheld computer (iPod/iPhone), now deserves a chance to be nourished back to health by technology. As a longtime employee of major labels, member of NARAS, RIAA, etc., I am biased. But clearly, if there were less piracy on a global level, it would have a significant effect for American workers in the film and music businesses. Intellectual property accounts for 20% of the GDP and 40% of its growth overall!

President Obama recently gave a speech on American export efforts and his overview of this vital part of the economy, including a proposed anti counterfeiting trade agreement. He mentions the challenge of the times, our creativity, and the history of tech development in the US. There are plenty of areas within the broad terms of intellectual property and export that don’t particularly relate to music or entertainment, but his words are a good rallying cry/posture on many of these topics.

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