Third Reissue of Band on the Run Out 11/2

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This epk was taken from an interview by the aforementioned Jody Denberg. When we last left the current fifth Beatle in the last post, he was off to Iceland to help witness the lighting of the Peace Tower and the Reykjavik performance of the Plastic Ono Band. A few months ago, Jody sat for his third audience with Sir Paul McCartney. Quotes from the interview were pulled for the epk below, and the finished version is Jody-free. The interview is pretty conversational, with Denberg pulling out some good old stories and even getting McCartney to pause when an un-programmed memory of Linda surfaces.

The 25th Anniversary edition of the album featured an audio montage that incorporated demos and interviews. It actually had an interview with Al Coury, the legendary Capitol promotion chief who scissored up “Jet” for excellent results. Of course, there is a lot more material to sell, including booklets, high quality mp3s and videos from 1974. If I were more into this album, I’d buy it again. But as you can see from the other posts, we also have a Springsteen package and an extensive John Lennon package on the list too.

The New York Public Library is my main music source, and didn’t get a copy of Neil Young’s “Archives Vol. 1” collection (they have “Decade” though). If I ever meet Neil Young, I’ll let him know that my archive is missing his archive. Imagine, in all of New York City, not one copy of that album in the system. I’d be disappointed if I were him, but it shows the limitations of $400 items. It’s not a consideration for a library that could buy 40 copies of a book for kids instead. To donate to the New York Public Library, please click here.

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