Mr. Richards at the NYPL

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The New York Public Library is very important to me. ┬áIt keeps me up on music legally, and in 2010, I heard more new artists than in any year since I was a college radio music director. You can use a library for whatever you like, and for me it has been a place to learn about music. From Guitar Player magazine archives to the aforementioned new music, as well as books and movies. A great album I promoted this year, Natalie Merchant’s Lose Your Sleep, was largely based on her research at the New York Library for Performing Arts.

As Keith Richards aptly says, “It’s there for everybody.” In this case, I was shut out of the library by a 42-second sellout, so I’m very pleased to hear his spiel. Observe the man’s hands… they show every note he’s ever played.

Check out the interview here. (I can’t have something that starts automatically on my page).

I also recommend a visit to Jas Obrecht’s blog. He is one of the best writers on guitar and I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from his work over the years.

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