Super Bowl XLV Ads by Sector

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The lack of precision on pricing (apparently beer is a lot more expensive than I thought) makes it difficult to compare years, but I believe the sector breakdown is just as telling as the total price. The tech community will laud the increased presence of web-based services on the Super Bowl, but I am concerned about one technology completely absent from Super Bowl XLV ads: airplanes and the travel industry.

No Disneyland or any vacation spots in the entire three-plus hour show, although the increase of automobile manufacturers, including the big three along with Toyota, Acura and BMW as well as KIA and Hyundai from the international car community, could seem like a positive indication for the economy. Of the car companies, Ford and Hyundai repeated spots for the Edge and the Elantra, respectively. My favorite ad was the dogs serving Bud Light.

A barrage of Fox’s in house ads filled a lot of time that could have been taken by any number of previous advertisers. Where were the soap ads? How about the Jolly Green Giant? In fact, the Sealy ad was one of just a few that fell into the Home category. Not many decision makers watching I suppose. It’s all very scientific naturally, but it seemed like a lot of traditional advertisers were not present.

Super Bowl Advertising by Sector

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