Google Music Service to Be Announced Today?

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After a long hiatus, the Earbender blog returns with a visit to the Google I/O Extended conference from the company’s New York headquarters. After a sumptuous buffet accompanied by oldies music by the Beach Boys and righteous brothers, a short intro from Vic Gundutra, we will soon see what the hubbub is.

Google has been working on it’s music service for years and was reportedly going to offer a locker service not unlike the recently launched Amazon Cloud. Personally, the idea of cloud storage is unappealing because I don’t want to have to connect to the net to listen, and it would take months to upload my 51000+ songs currently on my hard drive. Of course most people don’t have such a big collection, but I would argue that their interest and standard of excellence in such a service is correspondingly lower too.

We will soon see what’s cooking with these guys besides French toast stuffed with ricotta and topped with balsamic strawberries.

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