NonCommvention 11 Opens Today in Wilmington DE

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Noncomm logoStarting today, the eleventh annual NonCommvention will gather adult music industry-ites at the new World Cafe Live at the Queen, in Wilmington Delaware. As its title implies, the conference focuses on listener-supported stations, many of which are also affiliated with National Public Radio.

Bruce Warren and Dan Reed, programmers of WXPN, Philadelphia, the ultra-successful host station, and other top radio people from around the country will be in attendance to hear new music and discuss business strategies to promote the growth of non-commercial radio.

As commercial aaa fms (and all radio audiences) have shrunk in size over the past few years, programmers have continued to impose very restrictive aesthetic and transactional requirements of content partners, the “NonCommvention” and its affiliates have thrived. Its associated stations, which imply a broader programming policy than the commercial stations, includes major markets like New York and Philadelphia, and represents a forceful confederation for any artist they choose to support en masse.

WXPN created its own club when it took over an abandoned factory in Philadelphia, and is now branching out to a new venue in Wilmington, Delaware, where it has had an antenna for a number of years. In developing this audience, the management of the station has once again proven its ability to provide a great music experience to rock fans in Philly and nationally through the syndicated World Cafe radio program. In an era where most everything music related is shrinking, WXPN’s growth is worth celebrating and studying.

Tune in to hear live broadcasts of artists such as The Civil Wars, Thurston Moore and G. Love here.

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