Punisher – "War Zone" opens today

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Punisher – War Zone, the latest from Marvel Comics, opens today. I was a big fan and am just as into the movies the company has been turning out over the past decade or so. The only ones I haven’t seen are the Blade movies, but that’s because I wasn’t into the comic books. Incidentally, Wesley Snipes is in my loop, thanks to Tricky, who introduced me as having worked with Nirvana and Fela Kuti. I didn’t correct him on Fela.

Iron Man really raised the bar for the company and the genre in general through its humor and believability (he has no real super powers). The Punisher is also a Batman-type, no real powers but lots of arsenal and attitude. He also has a dead family he is pissed about, the skull shirt belonged to his son.

Marketing-wise, it feels like a soft launch but also feels like a video game with focus on guns and violence in general. The website doesn’t promote the story or anything qualitative about the movie other than the gun images. It offers the ability to “mashup” a trailer with music, and below is my version. I didn’t feel very creative making it but it came out looking like a movie trailer.

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